Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Excitement overload

I've discovered it is possible to have so much excitement you end up not taking it seriously. This morning there was another earthquake. I woke up, waited for it to finish (rock, creak, sway, bump bump) and listened to the wind outside, which was starting to pick up. "This really is Japan," I thought. "Earthquakes, typhoons... I wonder if there's a tsunami this time...?"

And then, when it stopped, I mumbled, "Oh, that one was only about a 3" - and went back to sleep. The Man, meanwhile, ran downstairs to check the TV, and came back to report that it was a 3 and had the same epicentre as the last one. He was a bit surprised when my only reply to this information was a tiny and ladylike snore. (All my snores are tiny and ladylike. Don't believe anything you hear otherwise.)

At midday The Man told me he was going out to stock up on basics at the supermarket. "If I wait any longer I won't be able to go out at all," he told me.

The shutters are up again. I hadn't slid them back all the way after the last one. We knew there was another one coming. (And there's another one after this, too, but a much smaller one, so far at least.) The wind is making cartoon noises. Wheeeeeeeeee! it says. Hooooooooooooo!

We're stuck inside. The Man said that going to the supermarket he didn't need to pedal the bicycle at all, but coming back was tricky because his eyes kept getting blown shut and pedalling was hard. He walked most of the way because it was easier.

This means I won't be able to go for a swim today. Damn. I suppose at least it's a good opportunity to get some housework done.