Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lonely as a cloud

These one page plays are fun. I don't get many of them, but I enjoyed them anyway. I was inspired to write my own. I think Audie should write one page plays for her Friday blogging task. She wanted something different, and one-page plays can be anything. They're quick, they're odd and quirky, and they're a wee challenge.

Here's mine. (I know it's not Friday, but never mind.)

Lonely as a Cloud

Alice: I wonder...
Bob: Lonely as a cloud.
Alice: What?
Bob: Oh, nothing.
Alice: But what did you say?
Bob: Nothing!
Alice: It wasn't nothing! You said something!
Bob: Really, it was nothing. Sorry I interrupted. What were you saying?
Alice: But what did you say? You laughed.
Bob: It was just a stupid joke. Not funny. Sorry. Carry on. What were you saying?
Alice: (Thinks.) I can't remember now.
Bob: You said, "I wonder..."
Alice: No. I can't remember what it was now. You interrupted me.
Bob: Sorry.
Alice: Oh, go on. Tell me. What did you say? What was the joke?
Bob: I told you, it wasn't funny. Forget it.
Alice: So why did you laugh?
Bob: I'm stupid. It was dumb. I'm sorry I said anything. What were you wondering?
Alice: I can't remember! I don't care if it was dumb. Tell me what you said! I hate it when you do this!
Bob: It was silly, just a private joke, and not funny. It's not important.
Alice: Yes it is! You interrupted me! And now I can't remember what I was saying and it's your fault! Tell me!
Bob: All right! I said, 'Lonely as a cloud.'
Alice: What?
Bob: 'Lonely as a cloud.'
Alice: What does it mean? That's not funny. Why was it funny?
Bob: Well, you said 'I wonder,' so I said 'lonely as a cloud'.
Alice: What?
Bob: I told you it was dumb. It's not funny.
Alice: I don't get it.
Bob: Don't worry about it. I told you it wasn't funny.
Alice: So why did you laugh?


Anonymous said...

actually you r stupid
i wondered lonely as a cloud is a poem by words worth