Sunday, March 23, 2008

White shoes

I went to meet a friend for dinner today. As I was standing at the subway platform in Osaka the train arrived, the doors opened, and a tall fashion disaster in a pale pink dress emerged. He was carrying a little white handbag and wearing white heels.

I reflected that pink did not really go with a five o'clock shadow, or with an Adam's apple. How tacky! I thought. How wrong! And also, how outdated! The white handbag and shoes used to be de rigueur in spring – in fact you didn't need to consult a calendar to find out when the first official day of spring was because the entire female population of Japan suddenly broke out in white shoes and handbags – but that went out years ago. How could he have not noticed? Has he been living on a desert island?

Some people just have no idea.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm so happy to find out that that rule about white (which in the US is "no white after Labor Day") has finally gone out of fashion. I tend to pull out all my dark clothes for Easter, and want to wear white in the winter, as it is. Pink's a hard color to wear, even for those of us who do not need to shave our face - or belly.

Roy said...

I stay away from pink most of the time unless I'm in Miami, which is, like, never, but I do try to wear my best blue jeans when attending religious services.

kenju said...

LOL. I was once walking in Pentagon City Mall in Washington, DC and passed a tall person in a yellow dress and high heels, with long wavy hair, five o'clock shadow, and feet the size of motor boats. I was dumbstruck!

Anonymous said...

Uh... here 'bad taste' = good taste. It's 'good taste' which is sooo tacky.

Well exemplified by the costumes in Priscilla Queen of the Desert - the musical of the movie just opening in
Auckland... :-)

Musically, ABBA. Ah, Dancing Queen!