Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm back! It was a long flight yesterday, but a daytime one so I've managed to hold onto almost normal sleep patterns. Now I'm sorting through photos, and have just come across some I have to share. These pictures show the highlight of the visit to one of my brothers, one who has over the years developed religious mania to the point where staying with him is almost unbearable. He and I used to be quite close, but these days things are . . . well, let's say prickly. And delicate. I have to avoid so many topics, in order to prevent our relationship deteriorating to the point of never being able to speak to each other again, that there was very little left to talk about.

One topic we could talk about was his lawnmower. My brother's lawnmower is more or less the only indication that there is still something of the old little brother left there somewhere inside, and was the practically the only thing we could talk about without things getting tense.

But what a lawnmower! It has a small carbon footprint, is self-propelling, and it also fertilizes the lawn. It needs only a little water occasionally, and to be picked up and moved when it gets stuck in an awkward spot. It even goes uphill, although it took a little longer and more effort.

My brother constructed this based on a picture he saw somewhere, and is working on some kind of water feeder arrangement. I suggested that he also cover one end so there is shelter from the rain, and he is thinking about it. Isn't it impressive?

I was impressed, anyway.


torrygirl said...

Welcome back!

You know the other good thing about this lawnmower is that it's neighbour-friendly. It won't wake anyone up at 6am on a Sunday morning, like my neighbours lawnmower does!

The Editter said...

I'm so pleased there are photos. I was trying to explain this lawnmower to George junior this morning, but no matter what I said he was convinced it was somehow motorised.

Shyam said...

Yay, you're back! You dont know me from Adam, but I'm still happy you're back (and writing)! :) I've finished reading all your back posts - and what a fun time I've had for two or more weeks! :)

Lia said...

What a great lawnmower! I'm still not convinced I understand how it works: do teeth fit through the mesh? Is it one tooth at a time? But still - so totally eco-friendly that even if it's less efficient, it's still an improvement.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Welcome back! Nice lawnmower! And you know what's funny? The second picture. I don't think I've ever seen a rabbit up on all fours like that before. They tend to be posed like in the first photo, or sitting up on their hind legs, or being partly suffocated in the arms of a toddler, or running away from said toddler.

Lia, I'm guessing it's the grass that pokes through the mesh, not the bunny.

kenju said...

Is the wire mesh large enough to let the bunnie's pellets escape?

Badaunt said...

To answer the questions: The grass indeed pokes up through the mesh, as Keera said. And bunny gets extra rations, especially when it's been dry and there isn't much grass.

The pellets go through the mesh and fertilize the lawn. I have to say it's not a lawn you want to walk on in bare feet, or at least you'd want to walk on it carefully, but she tends to leave all her pellets in one place at a time.

Bunny sits for long periods doing nothing, but then suddenly gets active at various times. My brother told me that around dusk she moves around more, and I saw that myself the first night I was there, when suddenly the cylinder started trundling all over the lawn. When she gets going she's a galloping bunny. It's pretty funny to watch, especially when she gets stuck on a slope and the cylinder starts rolling back. She does some quite big leaps up the side to get it going uphill again, and is very good at it. She's got the physics of it all worked out, apparently.