Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My favicon (the little icon up in the address bar) went missing from my blog, and when I looked into it I discovered that the site where it had been hosted has now gone. This was a bit annoying, as I was quite fond of that favicon, so I have just wasted several hours figuring out how to make a new one and host it somewhere safer.

I am SO proud of myself. I could have used a favicon generator, of which there are several on the web, but I didn't. I made my own. AND I figured out what code to use and where to put it, after a great deal of trial and (mostly) error.

It's actually a lot easier than my tortuous progress made it seem. Once I had it all figured out, it was a piece of cake. It was figuring it out that took so long. And now I can change the favicon easily anytime I want to BECAUSE I KNOW HOW.

How clever I am.


Shammi said...

Indeed :)

Kay said...

ooohhh, I so want to know how. I used to make favicons, and have one on my own Web site, but where to put the code in Blogger is the key! Good for you!!

Badaunt said...

Kay: If you look at my 'page source' you'll see the code just under the (head) bit, about three lines down. (The brackets around 'head' should be the triangle brackets, of course.) I think it will work if you just copy that and then substitute the link to your favicon.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Very clever! You now know one thing I don't. For now. :-)