Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today The Man told me about an epiphany he had while in the downstairs toilet. At some point he ended up trying to explain the meaning of Mu.

I got distracted. I tried to think about Mu, but when I did, this is what happened:

(Click for full effect)


Shammi said...

That's ridiculous :D

Hebron said...

They say mans best thoughts are while on the john.
I beg to differ. Usually my only thought is wonder if we're gonna run out of toilet paper >.<

Keera Ann Fox said...

However fond I am of cows, I'd still like to know what The Man's epiphany was.

Anonymous said...

"mu" is the nothingness of Buddhism - it's not surprising that BA found it a cow of a subject. At Ryoanji, the famous rock garden Zen temple in Kyoto, an English pamphlet to the temple written by the abbott runs: "as we gaze at the garden, we see the sea & lands, we see the universe, everything, and thereby, nothing..."

Yasujiro Ozu, greatest of the 3 great Japanese film directors, has the character 'mu' on his gravestone. Two years in a row now I've stumbled round a Zen temple in Kamakura looking for that grave... ! Mu!

Anonymous said...

That's really deep. I mean, it's getting deep. Where are my boots?

But I like your blog, save these occasional lapses into bovine