Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rainy day activities

Do any of my long-time readers remember Grow Cube and how frustrating and fun I found it? Well, last night I decided to send it to a friend, and looked it up. I sent it, then discovered that I couldn't remember how to do it, so had a frustrating couple of hours trying to figure it out. Got that, then went on to Grow Island and got frustrated all over again. How to stop the house from falling down? My little man fell in love and then DIED! But I got that one, too. Eventually.

And then . . . the doctor came! But then the patient's head fell off! Why did his head fall off?

And so on. Now it's your turn.


Ookami Snow said...

The grow games rock, I don't usually like that kind of game but he does it well. Also check out the game he does called Tontie.

Hebron said...

My problem with these games is once I've figured it out (or taken the solution from someone else as was the case with the original grow), it's pretty much memorised.
I went through them all, seeing if I could remember. The most difficult took me seven attempts.
All in all, 20 minutes :T

Yep. Sometimes it's hard being a geek :P

Anonymous said...

Now I am late for work, and it is definitely, absolutely YOUR FAULT!!

With double exclamation marks!!


Badaunt said...

Ookami Snow: I haven't checked Tonti, yet. I'm too scared. I spent WAY too much time on what I already did.

Hebron: You are way too clever. I couldn't remember a thing. It had been a few years, but still, you'd think I'd remember SOMETHING. I couldn't even remember properly how the cube ended.

Cheryl: Oops. Sorry! But it was worth it, right? Every life needs a little fun and whimsy. (Why does whimsy look wrong? My spell-checker tells me it's right.)