Monday, November 14, 2005

A visit to the doctor

The Man has been on at me to get a 'flu shot. I am in a high risk occupation, he says, and he is right. I generally manage to get everything that is going around, eventually. My students have a terrible habit of oversleeping and missing classes except when they are feverish and coughing all over the place, in which case they come to class to show me how dedicated they are, and cough all over me. I get coughed all over in the trains, too.

So the 'flu shot is a good idea. I accept that, in theory. The problem is, in practice, that when someone sticks a needle in me (unless it is an acupuncture needle, for some reason) I tend to pass out. This is not a pleasant experience, and consequently I dread any doctor visit that might involve needles. The idea of submitting myself to a needle experience that is not strictly necessary (I could, after all, just risk the 'flu instead) seems masochistic.

The Man first mentioned the 'flu shot a while ago, and I said something vague and hoped he'd forget. He didn't, of course, and the topic keeps popping up. Finally, yesterday I agreed that I would do it after work today. It's very hard to think of a good argument against it, especially since he's offered to come along and hold my hand and make sure they let me lie down to have the shot. That does help, annoyingly. He tells me silly stories and makes me laugh and the next thing I know it's all over, I'm feeling vaguely dizzy, and I can't stop giggling. I also feel stupid for making such a fuss and want to apologize to everybody.

Anyway, today I came home and he was waiting. We went off to the doctor. Cycling along I was feeling faint already, and also quite stupid, at the thought of what was to come. I was determined to do it, though. I am not a child. A little needle won't hurt me, and it is a very, very sensible thing to do. That's what I told myself, and was almost convinced, even.

We parked our bicycles and I bravely followed him into the doctor's office. By this time I was wondering whether perhaps passing out first might be easier, since then I wouldn't have to be conscious for the actual shot. Would that work? It was seeming like a pretty good idea to me.

The Man explained to the receptionist why we were there, whereupon she apologized and told us that all the doctor's supply of 'flu shot was already reserved in advance, and he didn't have any more. We would have to go elsewhere.

All my dizziness and stupidity vanished like magic. I felt FABULOUS. I don't think a visit to the doctor has ever left me feeling so good.

(Of course he will find another place to take me for the shot, but at least for the next couple of days I'm off the hook.)


Ms Vile File said...


I'm closing the File. Thanks for being a great Bloggy-Buddy! (I'll be back to visit, though. I'll need my fix of pigeon photos)

Ms Vile

Kim said...

lol. Well, I suppose if you just keep visiting doctors who are out of flu vaccine, you'll stay feeling fabulous all winter! I'm not fond of needles either.

natural antioxidants said...

pretty funny,lol.