Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good medicine

So far I have crashed my new Palm three times. WHAT FUN!

Other news:

I have four days off and a new Palm. What other news? No, wait, there is some.

One of my friends told me that she once got a kidney stone, and dreads ever getting another one. She thought she was dying, she said. It was awful. Her husband took her to a hospital, and there she was given an injection, and stayed overnight. The injection took care of the pain, and she was taken to a room that was, she said, amazing. She had never seen such a lovely room in a private hospital here before. Usually they are nasty. It was not a private room, but the other people looked nice, and there was beautiful wallpaper, and nice curtains, and pictures on the walls. She was really impressed, and felt lucky to have such a luxurious place to suffer in. She went to sleep, happily pain-free in her lovely room.

In the morning she awoke and found she was in a dirty old room that had paint peeling from the walls, an old sheet for a curtain, and a gaggle of old ladies cheering her up by telling her that you never had just one kidney stone; once you got one you were sure to get more.

That was really, really good medicine.

She also told me that the other day when she was on a bus she had a terrible headache, so she took out her bottle of pills and took a painkiller. A little while later she went into orbit. Totally disoriented and unable to stand, she panicked and called her husband at work.

"Come and get me!" she told him. "There's something terribly wrong with me!"

While she was waiting she suddenly realized that her bottle of pills had her emergency supply of kidney stone painkillers mixed in with the Aspirin, or whatever it was. They were easily identifiable, but she told me that perhaps she wasn't wearing her glasses, or maybe she just had a brain fart. Anyway, she realized that in fact there was nothing wrong with her. She had taken her kidney stone painkiller by mistake.

She wasn't sick. She was tripping.

She didn't tell her husband what she'd done. She was too embarrassed. She told him she was feeling a bit better now, and perhaps it was just a low blood pressure attack or something like that. Luckily for her he didn't have the background necessary to recognize a tripping wife, so she got away with it.

I asked her if I could blog about this, and she said, "Yes, but NO NAMES!" So I have used no names, but Kay, I reckon you know who it is. Who else could it be, eh?


Kim said...

I love happy accidents.

Megan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, that could have been me. I take back my laughing.

Lisa said...

Haha, interesting medicine... does it have a name?

Kay said...

Hee hee......I can see her in orbit from here!

Pkchukiss said...

You have been spotted on the BlogExplosion main site!