Monday, November 21, 2005

How to feel like a complete idiot

I finally got my 'flu shot today. When I got home from work The Man was waiting for me, again, and off we went, to yet another clinic. Third time lucky!

I had to fill in the form again (actually The Man filled it in for me, and I signed) and they told us that as long as I didn't have an elevated temperature or anything dire they didn't do a doctor's check. The receptionists were warm and funny, not like the other hospital where they were mechanically nice without being really friendly.

When I was called through The Man came with me. Oh, but before I tell you about this, you have to hear about the amazing slipper machine. The amazing slipper machine was a tall machine, fronted with glass (or probably plastic) that glowed blue, with a big red button on the front. When you pushed the button a pair of plastic slippers descended neatly by your feet. You took off your shoes and put on the slippers, and put your shoes on a rack. When you finished, you put your used slippers in the top of the amazing slipper machine and they descended down into the blue glow where they were, presumably, sterilized, ready for the next person to push the red button. Isn't that amazing?

Anyway, when I was called through The Man came too, and the nurse, who was standing by the amazing slipper machine, was startled.

"Two people?" she asked.

"No. I'm just coming to hold her hand because she's such a wimp," said The Man. (Well, he didn't use those words, exactly, but that's what he meant.)

We put on our amazing sterilized slippers and went through. Two nurses were waiting for us. The Man asked if I could lie down for the shot, and they said no.

"The shot is in the arm," they explained sympathetically, although why that would make a difference I don't know. I said it didn't matter.

"I'll be all right," I said. I was already feeling stupid and apologetic.

I put my arm on the armrest and they told me to look the other way.

"It won't take long," they said.

"Just a little prick," said The Man, and told them to tell me when they were going to do it.

They swabbed my arm.

The Man gripped my other arm tightly.

"Hold tighter," I said. "Pain helps."

He gripped my arm tighter, until it hurt, and then gave me a cuddle as well. This distracted me enormously. He never cuddles me in public like that. He doesn't SNOG in public. But he was SNOGGING.

"It's all right, almost finished, don't worry, everything's all right!" he sang, and the nurses said,

"Now!" and I felt a TINY little prick in my arm. It didn't hurt at all. I didn't expect it to, but the thought of a needle going into my arm made me feel horrible. The Man snuggled up some more, laughing and telling me I was all right, and I got distracted again. The nurses laughed.

"All finished!" they said.

I felt simultaneously comforted and like a COMPLETE IDIOT.

After all that The Man had to go to Osaka, and I came home.

I'm fairly sure I could have gone through the whole (ridiculously easy, painless) procedure without The Man's help, but on the other hand you never know. I have done this sort of thing before. "I'm fine!" I say, and pass out. I don't know why it happens, and I don't usually see it coming. The only sign is that I go deathly white, I've been told. We checked my complexion before we left the clinic, just to make sure. I was a healthy pink. (I think it was the snogging.)

The Man called me after he got to Osaka this evening to make sure I was still all right. I told him I was just fine, and I am. My arm hurts a bit, though. How come it hurts now, but it didn't hurt when I got the shot?

I wonder if a bit more snogging would help?


fallensnow said...

*laughs* That was so sweet of him. =)

Gordon said...

I think the lying down would have stopped it getting into your system as quickly... if you are sitting up your blood flow is normal??? Dunno, just a guess.

Glad you've got your injection, the things a girl will do to get a snog, eh! ;-)

Wiccachicky said...

At least it's over!! Now you don't have to go back for a year or so.

melinama said...

Ah, you're so lucky to have a guy who understands and indulges. Thanks for sharing.

Faerunner said...

Awww :) My arm hurt a little while after my tetanus vaccination, too. I think it's just a slight bruising/reaction to the injection, but it goes away within a day usually.

You've got a nice Man. Mine couldn't do that last time I was in the hospital, as I had a neck brace on.

kenju said...

My husband hates docs and hospitals, so he would never have accompanied me for the shot. Lucky you! He feels like a knight on a white horse!

Megan said...

Adorable. But I've never heard the word "snogging." I'm guessing it means cuddling?

The Village Idiot said...

welcome to my world!

the idiot

BerlinBear said...

Another cool post. Your man sounds very understanding.

@Megan: Usually, "snogging" means French kissing (and petting, but unless I am very much mistaken, BA was using it here to mean cuddling. It's new to me in that usage too.

Definition is here

Badaunt said...

BB: I meant kissing and cuddling - I had never heard of the French kissing definition. He wasn't going THAT far! (It was still pretty damned surprising, though.)

Megan said...

Thanks BB! I feel much better knowing what the heck you guys are talking about. We crazy Americans aren't as hip to the lingo as the rest of the world; we suck like that. hahaha. Yay for cuddling and "making out!"