Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Christmas comes early

My new Palm Zire 31 arrived today, with a wireless keyboard. I got home and it was waiting for me. I was SO EXCITED. The first thing I did, however, was to email my friend to tell her it was here. I wanted her to know the operation was a success. I doubt that she was awake when I sent the email, as it was the wee hours of the morning over there. But I had to let her know.

Then I opened the package.

That took a lot longer than I expected. My friend is a REALLY GOOD WRAPPER. She had wrapped this thing so well that even Customs didn't attempt to open it. I think they took one look at all that tape and thought, Bugger that! We'll never get lunch if we start on that one!

I tore it open impatiently with the aid of scissors, leaving ripped tape, packaging and bubble wrap all over the floor. Then I had to get the Palm and keyboard out of the hard plastic packaging. You need scissors for that, too, and even then it's not easy, I can tell you. You could have parachuted the whole parcel in, and between my friend's packing and the Palm packing it would have been in perfect condition.

Half an hour later (only slightly exaggerating), and panting, I got to the instruction booklet inside. READ THIS FIRST, it said, and obediently, I did. I didn't want to destroy my new toy before I'd even started.

Step One is CONNECT AND CHARGE. I read carefully.

a. Plug the power adapter into your Zire 31 handheld and into an outlet. Do not connect the HotSync cable to your handheld until instructed to do so.

Fine. I plugged in the power adapter, and left the HotSync cable in its little plastic bag.

b. Charge for four hours. Make sure to fully charge your handheld before going on to the next step.

I sat back on my heels, gasping with frustration.

Four hours? FOUR HOURS before I can go on to Step Two? That will be one o'clock in the morning! I have to work tomorrow!


Oh, well. I unfolded the keyboard, anyway. That was fun. WHAT A COOL KEYBOARD. Honestly, sometimes I'm so gadget-happy I make myself sick.

(It's not just any gadget, though. For maximum happiness, the gadget should have a keyboard. A gadget that IS a keyboard makes me go smiley all the way through. I keep unfolding it and folding it up again.)

Other news: The cold I got on Saturday seems to be fading away without turning into anything really nasty and vicious. Everybody else has been complaining about how awful it is and how long it lasts (three weeks, said someone I met today, and her husband has had it even longer), but I seem to be getting off lightly. Is it going to return with a vengeance, or am I the lucky one this time? Stay tuned.


Wiccachicky said...

Lucky you!! Hope it's as cool as you expect.

Faerunner said...

Instructions? So that's what that bunch of papers was... ^_^

I echo wiccachicky's comment :)

kenju said...

Patience, patience......

James said...

At least yours was only 4 hours, when I purchased my Tungsten E it made me wait AT LEAST 12 hours! They should really look into a way to make these things ship fully charged... they must know that gadget geeks can't WAIT.

The Village Idiot said...

I have a megawatt smile i use to charge gadgets instantly. It's like using a microwave to cook foods faster only without the beeping.

Yay me,
the idiot

Lippy said...

I'm still deeply in love with my Zire 31 - even though I've upgraded to a Treo 600. I'm just keeping the two of them apart. Ooh! A foldy-uppy keyboard! I don't have one and I think I should!!

Badaunt said...

Lippy: The foldaway keyboard is the COOLEST GADGET EVER. Yes, you need one. Absolutely. You cannot live without one. The only problem, I've discovered, is that you have no privacy when you use it, because everybody wants to see what you're doing. And then they all want to play with it because it is SO COOL, and they all want one, too.

Kenju: Could you smile in this direction, please? I have discovered Solataire and keep running down the batteries.

James: I don't think I could cope with a Tungsten. TWELVE HOURS? I would die of terminal frustration.

Ms Mac said...

I got a new laptop not long ao and it came all charged and ready to go. All electronic goods shold come charged and ready to use. Instant gratification is the only way to go these days!

Pkchukiss said...

For rechargeable batteries, they lose a significant amount of their charges barely one day into their last charge, and given the storage period these electronic devices are subject to, you end up having to recharge them anyway.