Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today as I was walking through the shopping centre near our place an automatic door refused to open for me, and I almost walked right into it. This hasn't happened for a while, and as I danced around in front of the door waving my arms and feeling like an idiot I wondered why it was happening now. What has changed since the last time I used that door and had no problems? What made the automatic door suddenly ignore me? Was it because I had been listening to Kate Bush singing How To Be Invisible? I was pretty sure it couldn't be that.

I wondered when it happened last time. Was it winter? Had the weather become dry? I can't remember, and can't be bothered going back to check my old blog entries. It was too long ago. But I'm wondering whether it's connected somehow to the horrible problem with static electricity I get in the winters here. Maybe I build up a sort of force-field of static that prevents the door from seeing me.

Maybe if I build up a big enough static field I will become COMPLETELY INVISIBLE.


Overheard during class:

Student 1: "What do you want to do after you graduate?"
Student 2: "After I graduate I want to grow up."

And I thought, Hey, that's funny, so do I!


lkxzz8cuse8dfwek said...

I read Megan`s blog:
I posted to her site and she came to mine and told me about yours, so I came to check it out. Very interesting, thank you.

Cheryl said...

Nope, you lost me.
No intention of being grown up, here; ever.


kenju said...

Not too many grown-ups here either. I like the idea of becoming invisible through the buildup of static electricity, though. Maybe I'll work on that one myself!

BerlinBear said...

Careful what you wish for on the static electricity front. You could go the way of that Australian chap who spontaneously combusted before you reach the invisibilty threshold, assuming there is one. ;-)

Lippy said...

It's definitely static electricity that's the problem. I generate large (and painful) amounts of it when wearing certain shoes. Somehow it transfers to my car, as I have a high incidence of near misses when wearing these shoes. Presumably because my car is invisible. Invisibility shoes aren't much fun, come to think of it...