Sunday, April 17, 2005


The cherry trees in the little park, which I posted pictures of last week, have almost finished blooming. The trees are turning green, and the pink is almost gone.

Now we have tulips instead. Tulips are very popular here, and I've been seeing them everywhere. It could be the timing that makes them so popular. Just as the cherry trees are losing their last blossoms the tulips come along to cheer us up with their bold, bright outlines. They're about as different from cherry blossoms as you can get, and perhaps that's the point.

They cheered me up, anyway. I was already feeling better than I was yesterday, but seeing the tulips gave me an extra boost, and I'm pretty much back to my normal self again, panicking cheerfully about tomorrow's classes, which I am in the process of preparing.

These pictures were taken at the entrance to the same little park.


Ms Mac said...

They're lovely! I love tulips...

Megan said...

Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

I wish we had tulips like that around here. Seeing the pics of the cherry blossoms made me miss living in Washington DC.

mrsmogul said...

Hey surfed through BE. I was in Japan was I was 4 but dont remember. nice pics