Saturday, April 30, 2005


VileFile introduced me to a quiz to test how normal I am. I scored 55% ('Somewhat normal'). However, I had to cheat to get this score, because some of the questions have no right answers. Take number 3, for example:

3. How do you button your shirt?

Two choices are given:

From bottom up
From top down

How are you supposed to answer that when you button your shirt from the middle, like a normal person?


She Weevil said...

I got a frightening 70%. Stepford here I come.

Paula said...

Butter-side up or butter-side down? ;-)

Helen said...

How true, how true.

Kim said...

lol, I button from the middle down, then up, as necessary....

melinama said...

Gain 150 pounds or be run over by a truck? HOW run over? A little or a lot?

Badaunt said...

SheWeevil: NOBODY gets 70%. 70% means that you are DOWNRIGHT WEIRD.

Paula: Down, usually. But I follow the 5 second rule. :-)

Kim: Don't button TOO far up, all right? You will disappoint your fans.

Melinama: EXACTLY. I have been run over by a truck, and the thing I hated most about it was the after-effects on my health and the boringly long time it took to recover. I have never gained 150 pounds. Maybe the after-effects on my health would be WORSE than the truck thing. Maybe it would take LONGER to recover (i.e. to lose the weight again). How am I supposed to know? What if it was a LITTLE truck accident, just a few bruises or one simple fracture?

Stupid questions.

Lippy said...

I button any which way - depending on how frustrated I am with having to deal with buttons at that point in time.

Daryl said...

45%. Damn, I was hoping to be a bit more abnormal.