Friday, April 29, 2005

Golden Week

These cattle are definitely Australian. You can tell from the accents. And the behaviour.

(Click on 'downloads' and 'Bulls TV ad.')

Mindless entertainment out of the way, a quick note before I end up typing with my nose. (I was up at 5 this morning.)

I have seven days off, starting tomorrow. There is a series of public holidays that all come in the same period, and this is known as Golden Week. Tomorrow is a holiday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are holidays next week. I have taken Monday off, because I can at my Monday university. (Besides, the students begged very nicely AND made it clear that I was going to end up with only one or two per class turning up anyway.)

The list of things I need to do is longer than I'd prefer it to be, but I think I might be able to fit in some of the things I want to do in there, too. Like, say, visiting some of my favourite blogs, catching up with news that doesn't involve train accidents, and getting out to enjoy the spring weather while it lasts.

After that I'll have to buckle down to twelve or so straight weeks of no public holidays at all and increasingly shitty weather. I don't like the first semester much. Golden Week is lovely and all that, but it would be a much better arrangement if it were moved to the middle of June, when we have been worn to a frazzle by the rainy season and each other and actually NEED a break.


Lippy said...

I'm with you on the bulls ad. Very funny, but they're definitely Ockers from Ockerland. Mind you, they do kinda sound like the Speights boys too. Damn Mainlanders...