Saturday, April 09, 2005

Creative spelling

I wonder how long they're going to leave this uncorrected?

An American tourist had died from the injuries sustained during Thursday's bombing blast in a Cairo bizarre popular with foreigners.

They even got it wrong twice in the same story:

In the meantime, the U.S. Embassy in Egypt warned Americans to stay away from the Khan al-Khalili bizarre and to use caution throughout Cairo.

(Can you tell I'm getting back into teacher mode?)


E.P. said...

As a bicultural American language teacher, I totally agree with you that it's bizarre that journalists should be so illiterate. :)

You already know that I was reared by a German grandmother and mother: well, my mother the grammar perfectionist ceaselessly fumed (and still does, LOL!) about "these IGGGGGGnorant Americans!!"

It didn't used to be this bad, though: what we're seeing more and more is the legacy of the 60's, viz. MUI (malfunctioning under the influence, or else under the long-term repercussions of the influence)----drug-scrambled brains; and people attending school during a period of US history when the only thing that counts is "express yourself."

Our Marxist-ridden "educational" system has long spurned the teaching of grammar and spelling as "elitist"----preferring instead such edifying subjects as how to stretch a condom on a cucumber.

But astonishingly, the editors are no better. Several times weekly I seethe about the incompetence that allows shoddy writing through the sluices.

It's symptomatic of the poor leadership we have in all the arenas of our society. In short, it's just one more indicator of the tragic Decline of the West.

this_is_mine said...

I take a little offense to the last comment. But I'll get over it. I'm a horrible speller, and my grammar isn't very good either.

A lot has changed in the education system, esspecially at the elementary and high school level in the 5 or so years since I have been out. There seems to be a world of difference between the group I went through with and those going through now, so I only speak for those twenty somethings I know well.

My brain just doesen't work on a spelling level. I have tried and tried and am actually better than I was all through highschool. I'm a science guy, borderline geek (who am I kidding, all geek), and focus on what I think is important, the science. I am not completely inept when it comes to writting, as I know it is important to getting my ideas across.

As word processors spread throughout the world, I think such spelling errors, where the error is actually a word as well, will just become more and more rampant. Oh, and those autocorrected words, like thier and wiegh, are here to stay.

I apologize that none of what I said is very conclusive, but the moral of my little rant: Blame Microsoft.

this_is_mine said...

thats another problem of mine. I don't reread before I post.

Science is what is important TO ME, I know spelling is important to english teachers (and should be to journalists). To each his or her own.

You want bad speeling in the newspaper, try out the Niagara Falls Review. I'd say they average 2 to 3 errors per page. I notice other people's mistakes, but not my own.

Anonymous said...

Just to be mischievous, I sent this off to their editor. I'm feeling like a little imp this evening. =P
To the Editor:

While reading the weblog of a friend I was directed to a problem with
one of your news reports. The article "American Dies From Wounds in
Cairo Blast" by Brad Kurtzberg contains a

(and totally hilarious) misspelling. I believe the reporter meant to
say "bazaar".
Can you explain exactly how that kind of error slipped through

I am also curious as to whether I could have a job with your news
agency. I can easily pick out and correct errors such as the one
mentioned above and with my editing your news might be more popular
among a more educated audience.

Thank you,

Faerunner said...

..sorry I didn't mention you in the email, BadAunt. ^^' didn't mean to be so rude as to infer that the error-spotting was mine first.

Badaunt said...

Faerunner: No problem with not mentioning me - I'm just interested to find out how they respond! So far the story hasn't been corrected, but I'll check it again later.