Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unexpected leisure

It's been lovely to be home to enjoy the beautiful weather. Today I aired the bedding, did several loads of washing, and watched a movie, Kenny. I LOVED this movie. It was utterly charming.

I watched a movie yesterday, too. (I have a lot of movies I have had for a while and never watched.) Yesterday I watched Samsara. That, too, was gripping, but in an entirely different way. Also, the scenery is stunningly beautiful.

Perhaps I'll watch another movie tomorrow. I am rather enjoying my swine flu vacation. I think the schools and universities should stay closed for another week, just to be sure. I have a lot more movies I want to watch, and besides, I haven't started catching up on my paperwork yet.

(The Man tells me that they've just reported the first case in Tokyo.)

Another reason it is nice to be home is the smell. The honeysuckle may not be a particularly beautiful flower, but when it is blooming the scent is almost overwhelming.

In other news, a little frog spent the afternoon sitting on the handle of an old garden trowel.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I absolutely love the scent of honeysuckle! Lucky you to have an actual bush where you live!

Cute frog. Can frogs get swine flu? (And I'll keep my eye out for "Kenny".)

kenju said...

We have honeysuckle in our woods and I love to sit on the deck on warm summer nights and inhale it deeply.

What a pretty color frog!!

Kay said...

Love this: "In other news, a little frog . . ." Ahhh, mindfulness! Kay