Thursday, May 14, 2009


Remember back in 2005 I went to Europe? And I took lots of photos? And remember recently I managed to delete a whole bunch of photos by mistake?

Well, the Europe trip photos were not amongst the ones that were deleted, because they were also on CDs. Yesterday I decided to put those photos onto my hard drive as well (CDs go bad too, you know), and went through some of them.

That brought back some memories! Also, I hadn't really gone through all of them properly before. I took a LOT of photos, and only really sorted out the ones I liked immediately after coming back. Now they are unsorted again, so I am going to sort out some I like now. They are not necessarily the same.

I like this one. This was taken in Bratislava, where the old town was in the process of being restored while I was there. Large parts of it were done, but there were some sections where old houses and buildings were still under restoration. This picture shows all three stages: Restored, under restoration, and yet to be restored.

Also, the sky is a lovely blue.

The second photo is also taken in Bratislava. (I really liked Bratislava.) They had a lot of interesting statues there in the old town. This picture shows one of them. The man sitting on the bench is not REALLY being goosed, however. He just happened to stretch his back as I took the photo.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Oh, you kid! He is indeed being goosed!

I'm happy you didn't lose your Europe photos! These were interesting!

Roy said...

Nice pics. I'm glad you didn't lose all of them. I hate that.

The picture of the street and buildings seems to be pulling me in! Is it expensive there?

Yeah, I can't really see that statue's hands . . .

Badaunt said...

Roy: In 2005, at least, the prices were very reasonable - MUCH cheaper than other places in Europe we went to. I would check the web for recent developments (countries using the Euro seemed to be the most expensive), but assuming it hasn't changed too much I would HIGHLY recommend it. I loved it. We didn't have time to visit other places in Slovakia, but that little we saw certainly made me want to go back.