Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Something odd is happening to my iTunes. I wanted to hear the song Chiquitita by Abba, because last week I heard a radio interview in which some activist music group said they used it in their repertoire, so I fired up iTunes, and played it. There are a couple of other Abba songs on my iTunes, so I thought I'd just leave it playing and hear the other ones, but when Chiquitita finished, Tom Waits' Black Market Baby started playing.

That surely wasn't Abba! Can there be anything more surprising than hearing Tom Waits when you were expecting to hear Abba?

I've been trying to figure out the logic of this choice. Why did iTunes decide I wanted to hear Black Market Baby? I just can't understand it. Usually it goes to the next song in the list, but this time it jumped way down.

I wonder what surprise it will have for me next? We're getting to the end of the song (My baby wants to stay cold...)

OK, here we go ... Edith Piaf! Salle D'Attente. I'd forgotten I had any Edith Piaf on here! All right, if iTunes was trying to wake me up, it succeeded. (Is there some button labeled 'Surprise me" that I clicked by mistake?)

Thirty seconds to the next song. This is kind of funny, but also kind of irritating. What is next?

Andrea Bocelli! Verdi: Requiem - Ingesmisco.

All right. I'm confused. WHAT IS GOING ON? And no, I do not have Genius turned on. I just checked.

Addendum: All is explained. I had 'Shuffle' turned on. I don't know how that happened – I have never used the 'Shuffle' feature and had forgotten it existed – but at least I now know why nothing made sense there for a while.


Anonymous said...

Aha, now you also know what Shuffle is, and maybe have a glimpse into why people use it (I don't). Hee hee. Kay

Keera Ann Fox said...

So to answer your question: Yes, there is a button labeled "surprise me". :-)