Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bless me

Early this morning I was woken by sudden and violent sound. I lay in the dark with my eyes wide open, and had the bewildering and incoherent impression that my face had just exploded.

My face was still there, however (although a little damp), so I played back the sound in my head, and eventually came to the conclusion that I had sneezed in my sleep.

I didn't even know that that was possible, although I suppose there is no reason why it wouldn't be. It just seems odd. I certainly don't remember it ever happening before, even when I've had a cold.

Actually, would I even know if I had done it before? Would it always necessarily wake me up?

Have you ever sneezed in your sleep, that you know of?


kenju said...

Never - that I know of - and I can just imagine the bewilderment you felt when you awakened.

Roy said...

I did. Just a couple weeks ago. And I was as surprised as you were.

torrygirl said...

Laughed, but never sneezed. I imagine it would be an odd feeling!