Friday, May 22, 2009

Honeysuckle, rain, frog, and mosquitoes

It rained today. When it finally stopped, I went out and took yet another picture of the honeysuckle. It is almost the same as the last one, except there are raindrops on it.

It's funny how honeysuckle looks so lovely in close-up photographs. In real life it is quite a messy-looking plant.

I took some more frog pictures, too. The garden seems to be full of them. They hide under the weeds and ivy most of the time. But after the rain, this one came out to dry off a bit.

Here is a closer picture of the same frog.

After the rain, the mosquitoes also came out. While I was taking pictures, I kept hitting myself around the ears.

I asked The Man about it.

"How come mosquitoes always seem to whine around ears, but they never actually bite ears?" I asked.

"Yes, they do," he said, and all my half-baked theories about mosquitoes having civilized early-warning systems flew out the window.

My lovely unexpected week off is almost at an end. On Monday I have to go back to work to get infected by my germy students.


tinyhands said...

Only the females are jiki-ketsu gaki. The males are the ones buzzing around your ears looking for females.

Keera Ann Fox said...

What? Those pretty frogs don't eat mosquitos?

Badaunt said...

Keera, I think they do. It's just that there are TOO MANY mosquitoes.

(That's why the frogs around here are fat.)