Friday, May 01, 2009


Last night I was going to try to dream up a new conspiracy theory about swine 'flu. It seems a perfect candidate for a nice, juicy conspiracy theory. I read a little, to try to figure out what the conspiracy was.

I found this, and learned that in fact 'swine 'flu' is a misnomer, and that this virus is a hybrid of bird 'flu, pig 'flu, and human 'flu.

Birds, pigs and humans, eh? I thought. How SUSPICIOUS!

I tried to think why it was suspicious, and my eyelids drooped.

Er... flying pigs? asked my sleepy brain, and I dropped off to sleep.

Today I was too busy to develop this insight any further. Sorry. But you may be interested to know that I have now caught a cold, thus proving that I am on the right track. 'They' are trying to get rid of me.



Mr Curley said...

Letter to an Australian newspaper from a Christchurch (NZ) man, now resident in Melbourne, saying he's astounded at the degree of fear created around news events here in Oz.

He's right of course, and it's the public media - scared themselves of dying out, with no solutions to their financial issues in sight - who are doing this. Fear sells. Unfortunately, fear also corrupts! Oink! indeed...

Roy said...

So much more palatable if it were flying monkeys--still not sure where the human fits in.

I'm afraid Mr. Curley is correct. We may have run out of stuff to be afraid of. It's that media outlets like CNN have cried wolf so much, so to speak, although I remain afraid of their grammatical errors and imprecise headlines.