Friday, July 13, 2007

Sorry. On Fridays I'm too tired to angry

Yesterday morning on my way to work my first train was delayed. It was only for ten minutes or so, but this meant that I missed all my connections, and arrived at work ten minutes before the beginning of class instead of forty minutes early. I spent the day feeling as though I would never catch up. Plus my students kept getting lost, but that is a story I'll save for tomorrow. My typing fingers are too tired to deal with it right now.

Also yesterday, on my way home, a train was delayed again, only for longer, so that I ended up getting home at about ten o'clock instead of at least an hour earlier. Since I had to be up at five today this was especially not welcome. It was so not welcome, in fact, that really the only reason I did not try this little trick today is that I didn't think of it first.

A JAPANESE navy officer who was found tied and gagged on the side of a road admitted he faked the assault to avoid going to work, police said.

If I had thought of it first, I'm sure I would have been much better at it. I would have chosen a comfy spot in the bushes and made sure it was well hidden, so I would not be discovered for a while. I know I could have achieved a state of perfect and convincing unconsciousness and maintained it for so long they would have HAD to believe me.

In other news, it was another last day today, and in the surveys I did for one particularly rowdy and exuberant (but enormously fun) class I got this useful bit of advice from several students:

  • You had better get angry.
  • You should angry to us.
  • Be more angry! We love you!
  • Sorry! I was very noisy. More angry please! But this class is very excellent and teacher is fanny and cute. Class was very fanny!
  • You should scolded your student for being lazy.
  • You should angry talking people.
And from one of the students I probably should have been angry at:
  • Because I am very wonderful, there please be the teacher as it is forever.
And in yet OTHER other news, there is a typhoon on the way, just in time for the long weekend.


Miz UV said...

That's great -- reminds me of the Lolcats. Stay safe!

Radioactive Jam said...

That tied-by-roadside trick might inspire a new reality show: extreme slacking.

Or would that be slackering? I don't know.

But the survey advice looks a lot like some spam comments I've seen. ... What, exactly, are you teaching these students?

Badaunt said...

Miz UV: We had no trouble staying safe. Despite them saying this was one of the biggest typhoon we've had in a few years, all we got around here was a bit of a breeze and a lot of rain.

RaJ: I am teaching them something resembling English. Or reassembling English. Something like that, anyway.

Perhaps if I got angrier they'd learn to produce something that resembles English a bit more closely. You think?

Lippy said...

Cor blimey! Look at that typhoon! And I thought our weather was bad at the moment. Although I believe we made it to cyclone status. Just.

Radioactive Jam said...

They seem to have a handle on the reassembling part. Probably easier to change your job description and/or class goals.