Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New technique

Yesterday Mum took us to a quiet spot on the river so we could study Quackery some more.

I'm getting really good at it. I had secretly perfected a new technique, which I call the 'Dead Duck Float.'

I showed mum.

Mum said to stop being silly, but I know she was impressed.

When she went off to her ballet lesson, I overheard her telling her friend about me.

"That's my kid," I heard her say. "Always up to something. She'll be a great Quack Scientist some day."

Her friend looked over at us.

"The one on the rock?" he asked.

(That's how I know they were talking about me.)

I stood up and waved.

"Hi Mum!" I shouted.

"I thought you said they were practicing," said Mum's friend. "Not very obedient, is she?"

He looked disapproving.

I quickly stuck my head back in the water. I didn't want to embarrass my mum.

Silly old man. He's just jealous because all his kids turned out so ordinary.


Miz UV said...

Nice shots! You are so good at this, Badaunt.

kenju said...

You certainly ARE good at it!!

Radioactive Jam said...

Quack science is quite the high calling. Such an achievement would be a real feather in his or her--


Anonymous said...

You must've stolen a magic wand from somebody in Harry Potter novels.....those pix are professional quality....and on Blogger....do you reveal the make and model of your camera? or do I insult you by even asking, thus bypassing your talent? --Kay
p.s. I think my comments don't get posted because I forget to choose an id.

Pearl said...

I love you duck tales.

Badaunt said...

Ms UV, Kenju, and Pearl: Thank you!

RaJ: A feather in her feather?

Kay: It's not a great camera, unless you are thinking about value for money. It is a CHEAP camera, and not an SLR. I got it on sale. It's an Olympus Sp-500UZ. The best things about it are the lens, which I suspect is very good, and the zoom. I really, really want an SLR. A lot of these pictures could be a LOT better.

But the way to get good pictures is to be really, really persistent. And with birds or animals, use the drive function. I take about 50 pictures for every one that's good enough to use. The rest get trashed. It's not so much a question of taking good pictures, it's a question of SELECTING good pictures. I am useless at photography with a film camera. I really need to be able to take a lot, so I can choose, and with film that's too expensive.

(And once you've selected your pictures, stare at them a while until the story pops out at you.)