Monday, July 23, 2007


This is me and my family, setting off on an adventure.

Mum often takes us on adventures.

We went down the river.

Then we came back up the river.

We crossed to the other side, and explored a bit.

We had a quack-echo absorption lesson.

That's me in the front. I'm good at quack-echo absorption. My quacks are fabulously flat.

After that we went back home.

I was glad to be back. There's no place like home.

I practiced my Silly Walks, but nobody else wanted to play. That's because I always win.

We were tired at the end of our adventure. Especially me.

That's me on the right.

I was knackered.


kenju said...

HA! I don't know about flat, but your quacks are fabulous!

Pearl said...

That is utterly adorable!!

Maria said...

what cute stories!!

will show the typhoon/earthquake links to my mom when i go back home next friday and will even favorite place them in her AOL to boot!

as for pixel cat thanks for the idea! however, i have the new version of the macs - macbook and i am wary on putting programs that dont have have universal logo (it slows down the computer, my microsoft word 2004 is a little funky at times but i need word and it was free), so i will wait till pixel cant comes out for the new OS and then i will definitely check it out.

Maria said...

ps. i actually dont know how lucky i am, because this is my first summer in japan then in outta the country for the whole month of august in very hot and humid nyc. however, i am enjoying it very much!!! what a big difference these past two days from the previous week, and yahoo japan was predicting rain all this week. pleasant surprise!!!

The Editter said...

that is so cute! Unfortunately I was already thinking Knackered Duckling sounded like a pretentious menu item and in the photo the knackered duckling is posing as s/he would on a platter... sorry!

Radioactive Jam said...

Any chance of getting say, grant funding for Quack Echo Absorption research?

Badaunt said...

Kenju: I'd good at quackery. :-)

Pearl: Aren't they funny? I'd never seen a duckling lie down like that before, and thought it was sick. But a few minutes later it was up again and perfectly OK.

Maria: I'm pretty sure PixelCat is OK on Intel Macs - my friend is using it on hers and had no problems. It's a very SMALL program.

You have been incredibly lucky with the weather. Today, of course, it was blistering - but the really hot nights haven't really started yet, and we're usually well into them by now.

Editter: I came up with a few other titles for it (Splayed Duckling) but they ALL sounded like food. Poor wee thing.

RaJ: I certainly wouldn't turn down a grant for that. I'm prepared to spend as much time as necessary studying the phenomenon, and I think that if any grants are being handed out they should come to me, since I have laid the groundwork already and have photographic proof!