Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Playing with fire

The Man just killed a cockroach. This would not be so surprising (well, a little bit surprising, as no screaming was involved) except that he used a homemade flamethrower to do it. The flamethrower consists of a spray bottle of ethyl alcohol and a lighter.

I'm not too sure about the use of a flamethrower as a method of pest control in a wooden house, but I can't say I disapprove, exactly. It means that I don't have to spend the next ten minutes chasing the cockroach with a detergent bottle, which I have to admit is much less fun than a flamethrower. In fact, perhaps I'll try the flamethrower myself, next time.

There's a little bit of the arsonist in everyone, I reckon.


Lia said...

Usually I say pyromania, but yes. Definitely.

Radioactive Jam said...

I'd have thought the scent of cockroach flambé might be... off-putting.

tinyhands said...

My favorite part of that, apart from the lovely smell of roasted roach is when they, alive and still aflame, go running for the draperies.

Pkchukiss said...

I've smelt the stench of electrocuted houseflies, so I am definitely not a fan of cooked cockroaches. It'll probably cause me to become chronically anorexic.