Sunday, January 01, 2006

Caption contest winner

It was not just laziness that delayed the announcement of the winner of the bird captions. It was also the difficulty of choosing the best one. Every time I looked at them I made a different choice.

What decided me in the end was that only one really captured the feeling of the purposeful yet bizarre posture of the bird in photograph seven (you might need to enlarge it to see what I mean) and could figure out what it was saying so urgently in picture eight. Editter has demonstrated that she is in tune with the birds. Congratulations, Editter! And a Happy New Year to you all.

... 99, 100!


bet you're round this corner...

or on top of the rock?

OK, ya found me!

your turn to hide

off you go!

82, 83, shit shit, gotta find a rock soon!!!


kenju said...

I love the captions, and they make perfect sense. I would not have thought of them in a million years, because I am not good at that.

Happy New Year!

The Editter said...

Woohoo! I've only just got onto a computer and it's... it's... no, I've got no idea what date it is, but it's still January!

Yay, I won! Do I get anything? Wait, let me go back and see if anything was on offer apart from fame and glory...