Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today's lesson

I am too tired to write today. However, for homework my second year university students wrote about how they spent New Year, so I'm stealing bits from their writing instead. These snippets were all written by different students, but I think they go together rather well. There is a theme, and even a moral at the end. What more could you ask for?

I gave a new year party in a bar with my friends. We made a hullabaloo. We enjoyed very much!

I went to the bar with my high school friends. We talked about mutual recently life while we eat and drink. I ate a rare food at the bar. It was a frog. I ate it without hesitation because I got drunk. The taste like a chicken. It was not bad, but I prefer chicken to it.

The night about 50 people came the party. I drank too much. I got drunk as one expected. Some people warned me to stop drinking, other people urged me to drink more. After all, I was hung over the next day. Now, I regret my behaviour in the day.

I drank at new years end party with my friend. I drank oneself insensible. I vomit. I became a hangover.

I spent with my family for the first time in a long time. My father injured his a liver so he couldn't drink alcohol. But he seemed to want to drink alcohol. I laughed at him.


Jennifer said...

I drank oneself insensible. I vomit. I became a hangover.

Please know that now and forever, I will be uttering this phrase at every appropriate opportunity.

Priceless. :-)

Norma said...

Sounds like college kids are the same the world over.

kenju said...

I'm with Jennifer here. I think that line is hysterical. I, too, have become a hangover!