Sunday, January 08, 2006

How to win a blog award

I won an award!

I didn't know it would be so easy. I thought you had to actually do something worth awarding first, and have lots of readers and be fantastically popular and all that. But no! It was much easier than that.

What happened was that I was innocently reading Gran's on Bran, and noticed that Doris had won an award. She had even dressed up for it. So I clicked on the link to the 1st ANNUAL POOKIE'S CHOICE AWARDS and read all about it.

Then I got insulted. I threw a hissy fit in comments, complaining because I didn't get an award. Amazingly, this worked! Pookie amended his awards list and INCLUDED ME!

So there you go. How To Get An Award. Throw a tantrum until somebody gives you one.

My award is for having "You GO girl" moxy & a great name." I think this refers to my hissy fit, and that somewhere in Pookie's life lurks a frightening aunt.


Wiccachicky said...

lol - Congrats!

Paula said...

I hope you'll remember the little peeps as you rocket to the top of...of...wherever it is!!

Cheryl said...


(hehehehehe - you go, girl!)

Robert said...

cheryl beat me to it: you GO, girl!