Monday, September 12, 2005

Peculiar curry

I've forgotten how to write. It's been too long since I was writing every day. When I did, it was like falling off a log. I just sat down and the words spewed from my fingers, and I hardly edited at all. Now I sit down and wonder what I'm going to write about, and how.

I've also forgotten how to make potato curry. I decided to have potato curry last night, and went out to buy cabbage and yoghurt, two of the ingredients that weren't in the house already. Then I had to look up the recipe, which I had written somewhere on my computer. I don't usually need the recipe, but I'd forgotten what to do.

There was a bad moment when I couldn't find the coriander powder, and thought the spice thief had been at it again, but then I realized that the second jar of turmeric was in fact not turmeric, but coriander powder. Right at the end I spooned in two big spoonfuls of yoghurt, and licked the spoon.

That was when I discovered that I had accidentally bought sweet yoghurt.

I spooned as much of the sweet yoghurt out again but some had already gone into the curry. I cursed for a while. Then I found a lemon, juiced it, and added the juice to the curry, hoping it would cover the sweetness.

The curry wasn't bad, exactly, just a bit peculiar.

I've forgotten how to write, I've forgotten how to buy yoghurt, I've forgotten how to cook, and I've forgotten how to be a gaijin. I think this means that I should be on holiday PERMANENTLY.


wiccachicky said...

LOL - that happens sometimes, especially with cooking if you get out of practice for a while. Plus, you had such a long vacation. You'll figure it out.

Gordon said...

I quite like a sweet curry... or not.

Anyway, one of the good things about going on holiday is the days afterwards while you re-learn NOT being on holiday!

lisa said...

we haven't forgotten how to read it, so hurry up and remember!

melinama said...

I made brownies with "masa harina" (the stuff you make tortillas out of) once. They were gritty and tasted like detergent.

Ms Mac said...

Ooooh, can we have a recipe for potato curry?

So next time you're just this close to swinging by Switzerland on your way to France from Germany, will you do it?

Badaunt said...

Ms. Mac: I got the recipe partly from here, with some changes.

- I use cabbage, not peas.
- I use more (about 1 tsp) of almost all the spices, and only one or two potatoes.
- No asafoetida

She doesn't say how much water to use, but The Man told me to use just enough to steam the potatoes with the lid on, as it's supposed to be a dry curry. That means you have to stir often and keep an eye on it. Too much water and the yoghurt will curdle horribly (but still taste OK.) Lemon juice is a nice alternative to yoghurt, too.

The recipe misses some bits. Don't forget to add the rest of the spices, about the same time as you add the ewater.

Also, be careful - the cumin spits when it's cooking in the oil (and only use a little oil). Put a lid on it and shake the saucepan, and don't fry it too long or the cumin will go black. (Not that it seems to matter - I do that frequently.)

The next time I'm in Germany and heading off to France Switzerland is definitely on the books. I was running out of money and time, this time, but it wasn't a very well planned holiday. I was making it up as I went along. Next time I will be organized.