Saturday, September 24, 2005


France made me grow taller. (In Germany I was a midget.) I also discovered, on my friend's mother's porch, that if I positioned myself JUST RIGHT I could give myself a waist. And you didn't know I had such long legs, did you?

Neither did I.


Sleeper said...

Heyy... how do you know my blog's address? I haven't tell anyone yet. Owh it must be the link!

Lippy said...

Your shadow looks like anime. Fancy that!

Badaunt said...

Sleeper: Technorati told me. :-) (Yes, it was the link.)

Lippy: My students think I look like anime, too. It's worrying. I think I have been here too long.

carrie said...

that is a totally cool picture!