Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Computers and cows

Last night I had computer problems. It is so long since I had computer problems that I had forgotten the usual troubleshooting procedures. As it turned out it was not a problem I'd ever had before, and I had to do a power reset. I didn't know how to do this at first, and have lost the manual for the computer. I never need it.

The Man found instructions on the web, and hit the power reset button. The computer turned itself off. For a panicked moment I thought he had killed my computer, because it had been stopping halfway through starting up, and I couldn't turn it off at all before. I could only restart, and have it freeze halfway through the process. But then I turned it on again and EVERYTHING WAS FINE. HALLELUJUH! EVERYTHING WAS FINE!

(I really thought it was the end of my computer there for a couple of hours.)

Today I was reading the student homework I was worried about last week. I have marked more than half of them already. (Ha! No need to panic about that, either.) The students were writing about what they did in the summer vacation. None of them had as good a time as I did, but one wrote something that made me snort. He had visited a farm with his brother, and wrote:

We watched cows and goats. They prowled around.

They have really interesting farms in Japan.


kenju said...

Oh, I have never seen cows and goats prowl before......LOL! They amble and cavort, mostly, don't they?

Poor guy - he tried!

Wiccachicky said...

Oh I so needed a funny teacher moment! Thanks for that. :)

She Weevil said...

Most of the goats I've ever, was going to say met but encountered is probably a better word, encountered have been evil little bleaters. I think, therefore, that prowl is entirely accurate.

Ms Mac said...

Aiieee! I flinch every time the pc does something out of the ordinary or makes a weird noise. Even after owning computers for 12 years, I still expect them to crash for no reason at any moment!

Lisa said...

it's remarkable how much we grow to rely on our computers and how distraught we get when they die.

the cows i've seen tend to be of the lolling persuasion.

Cheryl said...

well at least they werent lurking or loitering :-)

That's adorable.

Lippy said...

Goats prowl. Then stalk. Then headbutt you. Hate that.

Glad to hear your computer's not dead!