Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My favourite imaginary number

Student: I have a sister.
Me: How old is she?
Student: Twenteen.


The Editter said...

My sister was twenty-twelve until she turned 33 and realised twenty-thirteen didn't sound as good.

Pkchukiss said...

Ah... How long would we last in the teens?

Thirty-teen? I read in a Time article sometime back while I was being quarantined that we are all adolscents until twenty-five.

Twenteen, Twenty-Eleven, Twenty-Twelve, Twenty-thirteen, Twenty-fourteen... Twenty-five!

There we go! I am Twenteen this year.

Lisa said...

i see plenty of twenteens running around here!

ella m. said...

I used to have Eleventy twelve in my childhood counting spectrum.

Despite it's name it's proper place was after standard 11 and 12, but just before thirteen.

I was an odd kid.

(For the record, I'll be twenty twelve on the 24 of this month, but I still act eleventy twelve)

apples said...

My teacher suddenly turned twenty-eleven one year. Then the next year she was twenty-twelve and by then we were all old enough to realize those weren't actual numbers and that she just didn't want to be 30.

I had to let go of my teens a year ago, didn't feel too good at first but I've accepted the fact that I'm supposed to be a young responsible adult by now. Supposed to being the key words...