Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jet lag

I didn't suffer from jet lag when I flew from KL to London. Nor did I have any trouble with jet lag flying from Paris back to KL. I was expecting it to be awful, and it wasn't. I had no problems at all.

I have a theory about this. I think that jet lag is more likely to afflict people who have reasonably regular routines. If you have a regular sleep pattern to start with it makes sense that you are more likely to suffer when it gets disrupted. I do not have a regular sleep pattern. When I am working I get up at a different time every day, and when the vacation starts I turn into a night owl almost instantly.

Flying from KL back to Japan is no problem anyway. There is only a one hour time difference.

But I got back to Japan at six this morning, and at around one this afternoon decided to have a short nap. It is now nearly eleven o'clock, and I just woke up, utterly confused.

Bollocks. NOW what am I supposed to do with myself?


Ms Vile File said...

Welcome home! And thanks for the great travel stories!

Funny - I find the worst jet lag with the smallest time differences...going to northern hemisphere with huge time difference - no jet lag.

Going to Australia (a few hours difference) and I'm passing out at 6 in the evening. Or maybe that's the effect Australia has.

sleeper said...

It must be cool to travel a lot. I envy you.

blue said...

Perhaps you should try transiting in many countries,jumping from one time zone of morning to the time zone of another in the same day. i did that before. it took me a day or two to get used to the timings to hit the bed.

Lippy said...

I'm like Ms Vile - no problem going north, horrible times of it coming back again. Maybe I should just move north? Nah...