Friday, September 23, 2005


When I was in France, I thought of you all, my dear readers. I waved, even.


Paula said...

I like it - very Platonic!

doris said...

Watch out for that Margaret Thatcher wave! ;-)

I need to know about your remaining bit of back tooth..... !

kenju said...

Looks like the Royal wave to me! Have you turned royal on us? Or did you just pretend while you were in France?

Badaunt said...

Paula: Except that I wasn't in a cave...

Doris & Kenju: It isn't a Margaret Thatcher or a Royal wave! It's the kind of wave you do when you're trying not to get the camera in the shadow.

Doris: The (third of a) tooth is still there, healed over but that gum area is still tender, which is a worry. I talk to it when I brush my teeth. "Hang in there!" I say. "No poking through! No infections!"

I'm not sure if it listens or not.

former res said...

The freedom of simplicity and unencumbering of ones possesions.

I hope that nothing too important was cleaned off the top of the shoe cupboard.

Vflash :-)

Badaunt said...

former res: We haven't even STARTED on the top of the shoe cupboard yet. However, when we do, no doubt we will unearth some Very Important Mail for you that we forgot to send on. ;-)

(If you're who I think you are.)

The job continues, and the amount of stuff going out is STUPENDOUS. And that's WITHOUT the books. I think we might have just chucked out one or two futons that have been here since you were here. (They were about ready to walk out the door by themselves anyway. Do you know how LONG it is since anybody cleaned out the cupboards in your old room???)

Cheryl said...

You're not 'teacher' shape!
Wow - slim, curly, with a lovely mane of hair - when do we see the person that made the shadow?

Badaunt said...

Cheryl: Shadows are wonderfully flattering.

Slim = skinny
Curly = hair a hideous tangle after swimming. In dry weather it's straight, in humid weather it waves in odd places. (Rather like me, come to think of it.)

You don't get to see the person behind the shadow because of all the hundreds of photos I've taken, none of them are of me. :-) Also, I won't put a picture of myself on the blog. I don't want to be identifiable. (By students, by employers, by weird cult members...)

In any case, I photograph really badly. I am not beautiful or photogenic.

My shadow, however, photographs like a dream. Wait until you see the next one!

carrie said...

this is the first time i realized you are female!
guess i'm sorta slow.