Saturday, September 17, 2005

NZ Elections

Did anybody actually win? What about the special votes? When will they all be counted? Will they make a difference? If National gain one more seat after the special votes are counted, what will happen? What about the Greens? What if they lose one? Why is Helen Clark already saying she'll form a new government? Can she do that before the special votes are counted, when it's so close? What if Don Brash does the same thing, as he says he will do in this article? Can he do that?

National's leader, Don Brash, also said he was going to work to form the next government.

What if they both form governments? Can a country have two governments? Would it work? Maybe one should take the North Island and the other should take the South. Or, since most of the population is in the North Island, perhaps they should draw a line down the middle of the country, to be more fair. One party could take the right side (National, of course) and the other the left (Labour, naturally). Would that work? That would have the additional advantage that righties wouldn't have to go so far to have holidays in the Green and environmentally lovely nuclear-free Left side, and lefties wouldn't have to commute so far to their offices on the concretized capitalistic Right side.

I once knew a marriage that worked like that. After separating, this elderly couple decided they couldn't live without each other, but found it hard to live together. They solved this problem by drawing a chalk line down the middle of the house and the garden. She had one side, and he had the other. The line went straight down the middle of their big double bed. One side of the house was a mess, and the other was as neat as a pin. The garden was schizophrenic.

But it worked for them. Couldn't it work for NZ?

What happened to my fingernails? Where have they gone? Why did nothing I had planned to do today get done? Why do I feel so CONFUSED?

So many questions, so few answers...


Shona said...

The government would be formed by whoever has the largest coalition, so if (and only if) Labour has the Greens, United Future, Progressives and the Maori Party that would give them 64 seats, but if National has NZ First and Act they would only have 58 seats so it looks likely Labour will govern - but only by a small majority and it would all be dependant on holding the coalition together. Special votes will make a difference, but if Labour can get all those parties on its side then that will be enough, special votes included.
Still, it's a very shaky outcome!

Another Outspoken Female said...

I think it was the last election that special votes got another seat for the Greens. The Greens have been having pre election chats with Helen and seem very keen to get into bed with her. Could work. How about they give the Nats Stewart Island?

Lippy said...

It'll be a miracle if they can hold it together for the entire 3 year term. Still, Germany are in the same position as us, and we're using their voting system too, I'm told. Hmmm...