Thursday, June 09, 2005


Current train reading: Dead Famous by Ben Elton. Having never seen a reality TV show isn't stopping me from enjoying this book enormously. It doesn't particularly make me want to watch a reality show, though. (Or want to watch TV at all, for that matter.)

Funny thing about TV and me: I keep telling myself I'll start watching it again one of these days, so I can keep up with what the people at work are talking about. We have cable. We have all the shows they talk about that sound so very interesting. The problem is that whenever I plonk myself down to watch TV I get fidgety and irritated within a couple of minutes and generally decide to read a book instead. Or surf the web. Or clean the toilet. ANYTHING. Sitting there and not doing anything gives me ants in my pants.

WHY? I used to be able to watch it. I used to WORK for a TV station, years ago. For a couple of years I was watching TV practically the whole time I was awake. I am not opposed to watching TV.

But after the head injury a few years ago I couldn't watch TV for a while. Being in the same room as a switched-on TV made me pass out - I didn't even need to be watching it. It was an extremely unpleasant sensation, as well as being aggravating. (When you can't move much for months on end you WANT to watch TV. Anything to help the time pass and distract you from pain is a blessing.)

I wonder whether that experience has anything to do with it. Maybe even though the symptoms disappeared eventually, this worked as a kind of aversion therapy. But I only tried two or three times, and surely it wouldn't work THAT effectively...?

Anyway, one of these days I'm going to watch South Park. I have it on DVD, and I keep being told it's fantastic. I believe this. I really do, and I want to have seen it.

(But I won't watch it tonight. Or next weekend. I have too much to do.)

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Paula said...

I find it very difficult to watch TV, even a movie on TV, without doing something else, unless I'm horribly sick. And even then I'll want to pick up a magazine. Yet I have no problem sitting for two hours straight watching a movie in the theater. Weird.

E.P. said...

Though I've never owned a TV (by choice: TV makes mush of your mind, your morals and your muscles), I will use it when I'm at my mom's (she videotapes "Diagnosis Murder" 4 me) to help me get thru the tedium of seaming the sweaters I knit on my machine (th seaming takes longer than the knitting!!!). I'm with Paula: TV's too boring by itself.

Faerunner said...

I wish I were more like you, BadAunt! I manage to get lost in TV, so much so that if I walk into the room where the idiot box is on, I'll end up staring at the screen until someone tells me to sit down. It's a bad habit and if I were slightly more averse to standing or sitting still in front of the TV I'd have so much more time... (at least, I like to think so).

Kim said...

I'm an HBO junkie, but don't have much use for anything else. Reality shows just don't do it for me.