Sunday, June 12, 2005

Peacocks in Amagasaki

Today The Man and I cycled about fifteen or twenty minutes to a big discount store to buy some summer bedding. Our old toweling sheets are getting a bit ratty, and anyway we wanted to try something new. We'd read about some cotton gauze type sheets that are apparently very comfortable in summer.

I love cycling in Amagasaki. It's a shoddy town, and not a rich area, but there are unexpected surprises and it is always interesting. At one point we saw a dog. It was a very large dog.

When we got a little closer, we found out why it didn't move.

We never take the main road if we can help it, but instead get over there down little streets and along the river. I didn't take any pictures of the river, but did take some of the streets. You can see how dangerous it is to step outside your front door in some of these houses. The door fronts right onto the street. You have to peek out first to make sure a car isn't passing.

But I like taking these little streets, because you never know what might be around the corner. Of course it's usually more of the same, but still, it's fun. Now and again you come across places like this, surrounded by walls and trees, and you can't see behind the walls. What is there? A house? An old people's home? Who knows? I like the mystery of it. I don't want to know what's really there behind those walls. It couldn't possibly be as good as I imagine.

There is a place like this near our house, with walls that enclose almost an entire block. You cannot see in at all. Sometimes, in certain seasons, you can hear peacocks screaming.

Peacocks! Who has peacocks in Amagasaki, recently described in the news as a rusting industrial town just outside Osaka? The people in the coffee shop that used to be opposite the walled peacock place told us that it was mafia owned, which was a bit disappointing.

I prefer to think some eccentric rich (but not mafia) person is secretly amongst us, indulging his or her wildest landscaping fantasies behind the walls. I like to imagine a beautiful garden with exotic fruit trees and reflecting pools with fountains and peacocks and monkeys and a unicorn or two.

You never know.

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teddY said...

A big hello from a BlogExplosion surfer! You're an English teacher in Japan, wow, that's cool!

Anyway, it's fun looking through the pictures you've taken. Now then I really get a peek into streets of Japan. I always wanted to go to Japan but due to financial restirctions I can't.

Nice blog you have =)

melinama said...

Great pictures. I blogged this. I notice you have your Technorati tags working, now. Isn't it funny, trying to make up the right things?

doris said...

I love the pictures - thank you for posting them. It's great to see sights that are off the beaten track and not just the sight-seeing famous places. The dog and the Japanese words on the road - brilliant! I'm sure English words on our roads don't look half as exciting as ones you do not know.

ray baumgardner said...

one of my neighbors has a gaggle of peacocks. they scared the hell out of me when I first encountered them on a morning run.

tinyhands said...

If you know what's good for you, you won't go asking questions about peacocks & unicorns...

Badaunt said...

Teddy: Thank you! I've been having fun with my digital camera, and since I rarely go anywhere particularly 'famous' for sightseeing, most of what you see are pictures of ordinary places.

Melinama: Deciding on the technorati tags is HARD.

Doris: I didn't even notice the Japanese on the road. (It says 'stop,' by the way - nothing exciting!) Perhaps I'll use that as a theme for a future blog...

Ray: The first time I heard them I thought someone was being tortured.

Tinyhands: What on earth gave you the idea that I know what's good for me?