Thursday, October 28, 2004

What are you looking for?

I am too tired to blog tonight. Instead, to entertain you, here are the recent Google searches that have been finding me (since the last time I posted these, whenever that was). As you can see, stupid accidents are still finding me far too often.

stupid accidents (10)
STUPID ACCIDENT (in caps, just for a change)
bartender quiz
pipe constructions
vinegar "with water" drink worming
guieter (from google in Japanese)
construction glasses
"static electricity" + "huge shock"
free short play
symbolic furniture
hunks + hairy
typhoon + "her umbrella"
"automatic door" works "shopping centre"
walkover constructions
surf lifesaver
funny short play
funny shaped cloud
laughed hard farted
Japanese leaflet driver waited embassy Sunday
Does calcium make a person grow tall?
sneezing caused by injury to spin
"bleeding nose"
girls with diarrhea
what is crazy guy in japanese
sleep grow taller
lose weight "miso soup"
description of shindo scale
Japan Earthquake News 10.24.04
grow taller with weights
ginger beer lesson plan
Gokoku-jinja Kobe
washing dishes symbolic


KeithC. Club Sec. said...

It would be nice for us Dumb Americans,
if you could post more unusal pictures
of Japan.... I feel sure you see some
really beautiful sights, the every day
tourist does not.

Badaunt said...

The really beautiful sights are what the tourists see. Those of us who live here have to cope with the ugliest cities in the world.

You would not believe how ugly they have managed to make this perfectly beautiful country. Have you ever seen what a passion for concrete can do?

As soon as I have time to go shopping I'll be getting a new digital camera (the one I've been using is The Man's), and will probably carry it around with me for a while until the novelty wears off. You might get more than you hoped for!