Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A cooked foot

I just had a bath. The weather justified it - it was cold today. I was unprepared when I cycled to work, and didn't wear my jacket. I expected it to warm up, and it didn't. Consequently I felt a little chilled all day, perfect for catching the cold most of my students seemed to have. I have had my spoonful of Manuka honey, watered my nose, taken Vitamin C, and had a hot bath in order to combat this possibility.

The bath was hotter than I expected. I had turned it on, and when I went to check the temperature it felt about right to me. But I was in a hurry, and just swished my hand in the water. I was in a rush to get back to the TV (an odd experience for me). I guess my hand was cold, and I didn't leave it in there long enough, because later, after I'd washed and stepped into the bath, I shot out of there like a cat on a hot potato.* The problem was that I shot out a bit too slowly - when I stepped in I put all my weight onto the foot going in, and my lower leg went all the way in before I could shift my weight and leap straight back out of there. My right foot is still a little pink.

But at least I feel properly warmed up. Even after I had added a lot of cold water that bath was still a very hot one. One day we'll get a new bath heater, the modern sort that turns off automatically when the temperature gets where you want it to, and my life will become a little less exciting.

*Yes, I know.

Today I got back the ear-cleaning alien story. The aliens have been removed, and there is a 'Nessie' instead. And some dung. It is altogether a surreal little story, but I'm afraid you will have to wait for details. Right now I have some urgent paperwork to do.