Thursday, October 07, 2004

Glorious state hacking

If 500 hackers suddenly attack your computer in unison, using perfectly synchronised keystrokes tapped out to a military rhythm, call the cops. Dear Leader is up to his tricks again.

North Korea has trained more than 500 computer hackers capable of launching cyber warfare against the United States, South Korea's defense ministry says.


Pkchukiss said...

Actually, I figured that North Korea won't be that interested in the disconnected thoughts of a atypical Singaporean late teenager... But thanks for the heads up.

Won't Dear Leader be afraid of these hackers? They could discover the world through their contacts with these "evil computers" and be converted. I guess Dear Leader has around fifty ISPs for his Internet connection, and hides behind six levels of firewalls to keep him protected from his 500 keystroke geniuses, just like security paranoid Saddam was.

Badaunt said...

I imagine he takes all kinds of precautions. But also, the hackers are probably being treated well, and have every incentive to be loyal.

I had fun imagining them like the cheerleading squads and huge displays of patriotic fervour they put on over there - you know, the perfectly synchronized acrobatics and so on. Everything is perfectly synchronized, and so perfectly synchronized hacking seemed to fit.

Incidentally, talking about perfectly synchronized, I saw a BBC program about NK recently, and there were some clips of the army, marching. In one shot they were using the goosestep - you know, where they lift their legs straight in front as they march.

What IS the story behind that, anyway? I don't get the point. As an army person (sort of) maybe you can enlighten me. It just looks to me like an ridiculously difficult way to get around, and always strikes me as comical, as well as faintly sinister.

Do you have to do that? Is it as difficult as it looks?