Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The friends

I told Okaasan that her friend would have changed and she might not recognize her. But looking at the photo now, I see I was wrong. Even if she hadn't told me, I would have known instantly which was which. Her friend still has that look. And Okaasan still looks like the little girl on the left, only with mad hair.


tinyhands said...

The little girl on the left has a TERRIBLE secret... :)

Badaunt said...

Actually it's the little girl on the right who has the terrible secret. She confessed it to Okaasan when they met. One time, she said, when they had to do some sort of handicraft thing for school, she pretended she'd made something that in fact Okaasan had made and given her.

She'd been feeling bad about it for 65 years, she said.

Okaasan forgave her (well, actually she laughed and laughed and laughed, but near enough), so it's all cleared up now.

tinyhands said...

I think it's better for your own personal mental health if you imagine it's your mother-in-law as the one with the terrible secret. Somehow I don't think you could tell the stories about your students and joke about it with her though.