Sunday, October 10, 2004

Spot the difference

In case any of you were feeling bad for not being able to distinguish between Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese, here is a test which will confirm your fears. And if you thought you could tell the difference, the test will most likely prove you wrong.

I have met a lot of people who claim that you can tell from the features, but I don't believe this. I think they are getting their clues elsewhere. The body language is different, for one thing. Also posture, the way of walking, clothes and makeup styles, and a bunch of other things.

How did you score?

(I got eight, and I was guessing like mad.)


tinyhands said...

7 :(

I forgot the biggest stereotype of all- ASIANS CAN'T DRIVE! This is one stereotype that must have been imported from elsewhere, because NOONE in Houston can drive worth a damn. Seriously, if you ever have the (mis)fortune to be in Houston, watch your butt.