Monday, September 01, 2008

Something unusual, and a lion dance

Today The Man and I went to various places, one of which was the New World Food Park (I think that is the name) where we spotted something called a 'fish spa.' That sounded a little unusual. Why would fish need a spa, we wondered? We got up closer and noticed some fish in the window, swimming around in a large tank on the floor, up to about mid-thigh height. Then we saw the feet.

At the fish spa ("Happy Feet," RM28 for 40 minutes), you can immerse your feet in the fish tank and have your toes nibbled by little fish. According to the blurb on the handout I got, The fish nibbling effect creates tiny electrical jolts, activating your nerve endings, while the micro massaging stimulate better blood circulation. It also gives you a good night sleep and healthier looking feet! There is, I just found, a video of this here.

I want to try this at some point. The Man didn't want to, and I didn't like to ask him to hang around for 40 minutes while I got my feet nibbled, so I will go back sometime when he is doing something else.

For dinner we went to the Red Garden Food Park, where they were starting a beer festival thing. We were not interested in the beer, but they had a few performances of various kinds scheduled as well. The first one was a lion dance. It was wonderfully dramatic. The second one was billed as a 'cabaret,' so we hung around to see the beginning of that as well. That was a bit of a surprise after the very professional lion dance, but entertaining all the same. I am fairly sure the humourous effect was unintentional, however. Their singing was good, but I think the lion was a better dancer. Also, I am still wondering why one of the women was wearing red stilettos and the other low-heeled soft white boots.

We didn't stay for the whole show. We had finished our char ho fun anyway, and were ready for a walk.

It rained again today. It has been raining a lot since we've been here, and the thunderstorms have been quite dramatic. Malaysia does GREAT thunderstorms.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I, too, get hung up on details like why the dancers are wearing different shoes.

I think the fish are removing dead skin, actually. I'd love to try that sort of pedicure.

kenju said...

Let me know how you like the fish pedicure. They are offering that here in the US now too.