Sunday, August 31, 2008

Very miscellaneous

Just arrived in Penang today after four nights of blissful island resort and HORNBILLS HORNBILLS HORNBILLS! I have some fabulous photos. Or at least I think I have. You never can really tell until you get them on the computer, can you? I might have a bunch of blurry birds.

But that's all right because we had a lovely time. I ate far too much (those buffet breakfasts and dinners were irresistible) and swam every day in the sea, and The Man had a good rest. We are ready to tackle the rest of our trip.

This afternoon I headbutted The Man accidentally while we were riding on a very bouncy bus. This bus had squeaky springs, took the long way to Penang, and a lot of the road was quite bumpy. The bus rocked, easily, squeakily and extravagantly, and at one point when I leaned over affectionately towards The Man and we went over a bump at the same time, the inevitable happened. He was not hurt, however, although he did yelp a bit. He seems a little accident prone today, come to think of it. In our hotel the lift door closed on him and almost squashed him flat. We have stayed in this hotel before, and we are generally very wary of that lift. It is old, so you think it's going to be slow and creaky, but instead it is fast and has powerful doors that close quite suddenly without warning. You have to get on FAST. But having just arrived, we forgot. Now we will remember.

Also today, we witnessed a spectacular thunderstorm through the bus window. Malaysia does brilliant thunderstorms.

And now I think it is time for a cup of teh tarik.


Keera Ann Fox said...

We have an elevator like that at work. Well, had. They finally added extra sensors to keep it from bodyslamming people.

Had to google teh tarik. Sounds delicious!

Hebron said...
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Hebron said...

oooo nummy :D
Heh. I honestly thought you had purposely typed "the" wrong to appeal to the webgeneration >.>

I'm so uncultured.

Megane~kun said...

Hello. Currently reading your entries starting from 2005; I'm currently on January 11, 2007.

Haha, I'm addicted! I just love your entries! The class anecdotes are to die for, they're killing me! Hahaha.

Okay that was corny.

Honestly though, I commend you for posting everyday (almost). That's awesome. I can't get enough of your posts! Much so that I just dread to catch up with the 2008's.

Oh, and just so you know: 'tadfrog' now returns 980 hits from Google.

Have fun with your much deserved trip! Thanks for existing!!