Saturday, August 23, 2008


We are now comfortably installed in our new hotel, and liking it very much. It is one we have stayed in before, just after it opened, and things have actually improved since then. It is a budget hotel, and at that time it was lacking such essential features as places to hang things, and also, as I think I mentioned, the water pressure was awful. I don't know whether the plumbing has been fixed or whether it's just that we're on a lower floor, but the water pressure is now fine. Well, not exactly STRONG, but fine. And it's generally clean and convenient.

We have not been doing much, but that is what we're here for. The Man doesn't have the energy he usually has, which means that instead of galloping all over KL we are taking things easy. This is, as far as I'm concerned, a good thing. I am perfectly happy to be lazy. That's what holidays are FOR.

I am determined, however, to pay a visit to the bird park at some point. I'm not sure when yet, but either before Tuesday (when we're planning to leave for the beach) or at the end of the holiday when we're back in KL. I am ashamed of myself. I have been to KL many times but have never visited the bird park.

The island resort we are going to next week has hornbills. I am looking forward to the hornbills.

I didn't realize quite how much I had acclimatized to the weather in Japan. When we left the temperatures in Japan were around 33 - 35C in the daytime and 27 - 28C at night, and it had been like that for several weeks. Here it is 31C in the daytime and a chilly 24C at night. It is also less humid. Right now it is about 8.30 pm and I am wearing long sleeves and feeling perfectly comfortable. I don't get it. I am nearer the equator here than I was in Japan. Shouldn't I be sweatily hot and complaining about it?

Something exciting is happening right now outside the Internet cafe, down on the street. There are sirens and police shouting through megaphones. I cannot see outside the tinted windows, but it all sounds terrifically dramatic. I expect that when we go out and back into Chinatown all the sellers of pirated movies will have disappeared.

How inconvenient.

Can you believe I have not taken a single picture yet? Nor can I. I don't know what's wrong with me. Perhaps I am feeling too comfortable and relaxed to bother.


Pkchukiss said...

I'd like to see pictures of your hotel; does it have special or unique features?

I didn't manage to see many interesting architectures or similar stuff the last time I went to KL, so it could have been modernised to the extent that it isn't very much different from the rest of the world...

kenju said...

I'd love to be so relaxed that I wouldn't want to photograph!

You will, however, photograph the hornbills, for us, won't you? Please?

Hebron said...

Yeah, now thats a holiday.
I always get aggravated when I want to relax and someones all excited about doing umpteen things in one day.
And as for photos... I always forget I have a camera, so I'm just useless >.>