Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today I popped into a little shop I sometimes visit on my way home from work on Tuesdays. It is the kind of shop that is hard to classify. It has costume jewellery and accessories. It has kitchenware, but usually kind of novelty kitchenware, the sort of kitchenware you'd have if you wanted a nice looking kitchen but didn't actually cook. It has baby accessories. It has chocolate, and cosmetics. It has stationary, but not usually very useful stationary. It is a fascinating little shop, and sometimes I buy something cheap there, like a notebook with a silly picture on it that will amuse my students when I am waving it around and being strict with them.

Anyway, while I was looking around tonight (it was a fly-by window shop to see if they had anything new and interesting), in the beauty products and cosmetics section I spotted something labelled, "CELLULITE PANTS."

I almost stopped to see what "cellulite pants" were, but hesitated. Then I carried on. I realized I did not actually want to know. In fact, I thought, I already had too much information. I did not want to know that something called "cellulite pants" even EXISTED in the world.

But now I can't stop wondering about it. What ARE cellulite pants? I am fairly sure they are not pants made out of cellulite (eek!), but I cannot imagine what they actually are. I don't REALLY want to Google them.

But talking about cellulite, here in Japan it seems that most women are, most of the time, on a diet. The latest fad is the banana diet, which was apparently on TV recently. According to whoever dreamed up this particular diet (probably a banana importer), if you eat two bananas for breakfast every morning, you will lose weight. The rest of the time you can eat what you like.

That, at least, is the version of the banana diet I heard from the loopy professor yesterday, when I was bemoaning the fact that all our local supermarkets seemed to have run out of bananas at the same time. I did not know that bananas were being snapped up by dieters. I always thought bananas were full of energy. That's how they work for me – they give me energy when I don't have time to eat properly. Bananas and yoghurt are my staple food at lunchtime when I'm working. If I have time for nothing else, at least I will have energy for the rest of the afternoon. Banana energy keeps going and going. I assumed they were full of calories, and it never occurred to me that they could be considered a diet food.

But on Sunday afternoon there were no bananas left at the supermarkets for my Monday lunch. Instead I had to have a couple of convenience store onigiri. They did not work nearly as well, and I ran out of energy halfway through the afternoon. I blame those stupid banana dieters, who I see have even made the news overseas.

How bloody annoying of them! Why don't they just get some cellulite pants, and leave my lunch alone? I'm sure they are just as effective.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Oh, bananas are full of calories. That's why they keep you going. 1 banana = 110 kcal, 1 apple = 80 kcal, and the former favorite for dieters, the grapefruit, has 104 (!) kcal per fruit. Makes you wonder why nobody's come up with the apple diet.

In the meantime, try nuts. But not the yoghurt-coated ones. Dangerously good and definitely not diet food!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's why a cycle guernsey has such large pockets at rear (to carry bananas!)

Hebron said...

Seriously, has no one told Japan about those amazing lil vegetables that take more energy to digest than they actually give you?
Like Celery. Celery is good. Its tasty.

Hmm. Wikipedia has just told me to shut the hell up >.<
Its true that it has effectively "negative calories", but its not healthy nor effective for weight loss. Feh. Imma still eat it >.<

Ooo! Blueberries are good. Pity I can imagine them being hella expensive in Japan. Shame too :T

Anonymous said...

Stationery, I think. :)

Stationary = not moving!

Pkchukiss said...

I like your roundabout way of commenting on the effectiveness of the diet =)

Rice is full of carbohydrates. And it isn't good news to eat too much rice in the afternoon, because carbohydrates make you feel sleepy

Anonymous said...

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