Sunday, July 13, 2008



Roy said...

Aren't they aware, as all American kids are, that if you swing higher than the bar you will turn inside-out?

torrygirl said...

At work we just started selling these swing sets with bearings that let the seat swing all the way around. It's supposed to be to stop people from tangling the swing chain around the top beam, but i've always wondered if you could get up enough momentum to swing all the way around. By the look of this photo i'd say it's probably almost possible!

Badaunt said...

Roy: I don't think Kiwi kids know that, either. I certainly didn't. Why did nobody warn me? I could have spent the rest of my life INSIDE-OUT and nobody warned me?

Torrygirl: He was trying very hard. (That kind of swing sounds awfully like a challenge, to me. And one that I'm sure many kids will be willing to take on.)