Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here is a story on why daylight saving time doesn't work in Japan. I remember someone telling me years ago that Japan had tried daylight saving and it hadn't worked, and why, and it sounded absurd.

It is still absurd. And it still won't work, especially if only some people do it.

I have not been posting much recently, and that is mostly because it is too hot. I do not mean that it is too hot to write (I do have air conditioning in here) but because whenever I sit down to write anything, all I want to do is complain about the weather. I suppose I need to get it off my chest. So here comes my official summer grumble, and after this I will shut up about it.

It is UNREASONABLY HOT. I am sure it did not used to be this hot at night. The Man and I used to have air conditioner wars all summer. We used to argue over whether to have the air conditioner on at night. He didn't want it; I did. We had this fight all the time.

In the last few years we haven't been fighting about this, because it has become rare for the night time temperature to fall below 26C during the summer. The last week or two it has only gone below 28C once or twice. At night the humidity shoots up as well, so it feels even hotter. AND THAT IS NOT REASONABLE.

It is so ridiculously hot, in fact, that people have been dying of it. So, you see, I am not just being fussy.

Actually, while I am about it, I have another little grumble, and this time it is possible that I am being a little unreasonable. The Man's recent illness (which he has not quite recovered from but he is much better than before, thank you for asking, and no thanks to the weather) has had an unexpected and wholly mysterious side-effect: he has stopped snoring. I do not mean he is snoring less than before, I mean he no longer snores AT ALL. While this has, of course, made our nights rather more peaceful, it has also given me another thing to worry about. Every time I wake up in the night and find myself basking in unexpected silence I start to wonder whether I am lying next to a corpse.

And that is not a nice thought AT ALL. So far it has not turned out to be true, of course (I would have told you), and I feel somewhat irrational complaining about his newly quiet sleeping habits. I used to complain about his snoring. Why can't I just enjoy the silence? But I am finding the whole thing rather disconcerting.

Why can't he at least snort now and again, to reassure me?


Lia said...

That *is* disturbing. Although I have trouble falling asleep when there's snoring in the room, so I would probably be more grateful than worried.

torrygirl said...

I have this exact same problem with KJ. He snores very very loudly, but now and again I wake up to total silence, which is nice but ever so slightly terrifying.

A quick poke in the ribs usually gets some kind of alive and well noise out of him - maybe that would work for the Man too?

Anonymous said...

Snorers overlap with those experiencing sleep apnea - it's great The Man may have stopped snoring...

But... what's the connection between 26deg+ nights, snoring, and daylight saving? It's only the farmers and the right wingers who stop Japan having daylight saving... surely everyone else would want it?

Badaunt said...

Yes, the snoring-cessation is both disturbing and the opposite, all at once. I didn't know the sleep apnea connection, though, so there is another bright side to all this.

Daylight saving doesn't work here because nobody wants to leave the office until it's dark. That would show slackness and non-committedness to one's job. You can imagine the results - a nation of salarymen with chronic sleep deprivation. (More than they already have, I mean.)