Sunday, July 13, 2008


There was something going on at this little park as I cycled past today. I think it must have been connected with one of the childcare centres around here, perhaps a festival or fundraising event, or both.

The reason I think it was connected with a childcare centre is the red trolley thing at the left of the picture. I have only ever seen these before filled with toddlers. The childcare centres use them to transport very small children to and from wherever they are going to and from in the neighborhood. The toddlers stand clutching the bars as the trolley is pushed by one or two of the childcare centre staff. This is always fun to watch when they cross the railway tracks. The toddlers clutch the bars and bounce wildly as the trolley bumps over the rails, and there is a lot of shrieking and giggling.

But there is always one infant who remains solemn and thoughtful, even at the most exciting times. A serious face peers between the bars and the child seems to be thinking, Why am I in this cage? What am I doing here? What is it all about?

This child will grow up to be either a mass murderer or a philosopher.


Keera Ann Fox said...

In Norway, they all walk. Hmmm… We're short on both mass murderers and philosophers.

Badaunt said...

They wouldn't dare have them all walk, here. There is no pavement, and they'd be all over the road and getting hit by cars and cyclists. (You know what toddlers are like. They're all over the road anyway.)

A cage on wheels seems like the perfect solution to me, aside from it nurturing mass murderers and philosophers.

Anonymous said...

"We're preparing them for Junior High School..." !

Keera Ann Fox said...

Badaunt, when Norwegians are that young, they are easier to herd than cats. Later on… well, there's a reason Norway stays out of the EU. ;-)

Is "no pavement" a general thing or just in that neighborhood?